Low Wan Her
Finance Director

Mr. Low Wan Her, is the current Finance Director of Sebarang Bina Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Low has more than 35 years of experience in the construction, premix and quarry industry. He was appointed to the BOD since April 2009.

Mr Low built his business empire from a humble beginning. He started his career by being a rag and bone men collecting scrapped metal and used glass bottles in the seventies in Kelantan. In 1970 he started his first Enterprise, Chop Low Soon Hin, dealing in second hand machinery. Later as his company grew, he ventured into different kinds of businesses like becoming a retail and wholesale food and grocery supplier. He even started suppling educational teaching tools, textbooks and stationery to schools. Mr Low later went on to start another Enterprise, Low Soon Hin Construction which focus on road construction, building and civil engineering projects.

Mr. Low was the founder of Seri Barat Mixed Sdn Bhd. His initial objective at that time when he started Seri Barat Mixed Sdn Bhd in 1986 was to have a company that concentrated on the manufacturing of premix as he already owned a construction company. Mr. Low decided to take on an advisory role as an Executive Director of Seri Barat Mixed Sdn Bhd. Due to Mr. Low’s foresight and business acumen, Seri Barat Mixed Sdn Bhd grew and even acquired a few subsidiaries to handle earthwork, road construction, premix manufacturing and quarry operations. However, after more than twenty years of partnership, due to conflict of interest within the BOD, the company was on the verge of being broken up if a common consensus cannot be reached. Mr. Low did not wish to see that happen as he had feelings for the company that he had painstakingly built up for more than 20 over years. He then decided to just leave the company as it is without breaking it up and took only Sebarang Bina Sdn. Bhd., that was previously one of the subsidiaries of Seri Barat Mixed Sdn Bhd together with Mr. Kua Huat Tiang and broke away from Seri Barat Mixed Sdn Bhd. In the same year, he also started another company, WB Builders Sdn Bhd to produce concrete and cement bricks. WB Builders Sdn Bhd has been awarded a SIRIM certification since 2009.

In 1991, Mr. Low opened a new restaurant called “Seafood Garden Restaurant” in Kelantan. The restaurant was able to accommodate 60 tables and it was the largest and a very popular restaurant in Kelantan at that time. Mr. Low decided to close the restaurant in 2000 as it was difficult to find good chefs in Kelantan.

In 1993, Mr. Low started another company, Low & Sons Holdings Sdn Bhd, to concentrate on real estate and warehouse leasing.

Besides his designation as a Finance Director at Sebarang Bina Sdn. Bhd., Mr. Low’s primary role is to monitor and guide the younger generations who have now assume significant roles and greater responsibilities in the Company and to help them enhance the intrinsic value of the Company also.

Mr. Low is a veteran in the road construction, premix manufacturing and quarry industry. Mr. Low has also established good contacts within the business circle in the industry. The exposure and experience of Mr. Low coupled with his management capability and far sighted vision is a valuable asset to the Company.